Shakespears Sister

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With a career that has now spanned more than 30 years, Shakespears Sister have come a long way since the release of their 1989 debut album ‘Sacred Heart’, which gifted them their first top ten single with ‘You’re History’.

The pair would quickly find even more success with their 1992 follow-up full-length ‘’Hormonally Yours’, which included the hits ‘Don’t Care, Hello (Turn Your Radio On)’ and ‘Stay’, which remained at number one for eight weeks.

With now over a million records sold, the band have also gathered a wealth of awards throughout their tenure, including a Brit award for best video for ‘Stay’ and an Ivor Novello award for Outstanding Collection of Songs for their sophomore album, ‘Hormonally Yours’. The pair also went onto headline the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury in 1992 and supported Prince at Celtic Park at the artist’s personal request.


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