Growing up in the remote Swedish town of Umeå, home to more raucous outfits such as Refused, brothers Peder and Anders Stenberg alongside Thomas Hedlund, saw their modest hometown as the perfect refuge to set up their own vibrant and influential subculture.

Rebelling from their own hardcore upbringing, the trio took influence from the likes Fleetwood Mac, Prince and The Band, and formed Deportees. Since the release of their debut album ‘All Prayed Up’ in 2004, which was nominated for two Swedish GRAMMYs that year, the three-piece have gone on to produce five studio albums and a flurry of EPs in the last near two decade. With a Swedish GRAMMY for ‘Best Rock’ firmly in their trophy cabinet, thanks to their fourth LP ‘Islands And Shores’, as well as the coveted National Swedish Public Radio’s ‘Best Pop’ award for ‘Under The Pavement, The Beach’, Deportees look to continue their upward ascent in 2019 with the release of their highly-anticipated new EP ‘Re-Dreaming’.


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